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The Story of Elyptol

The desire for good healthcare led to the creation of the first Type 1 Eco certified and professionally registered hand sanitizer with a phenomenal kill rate of germs on skin and hard-surfaces. More importantly, because Elyptol is gentle on the skin, our formula could be used frequently which is necessary for significant and sustained health protection.

The simplicity of combining pure ethanol with eucalyptus oil was followed by waves of real world complexity on what it takes to pass clinical trials to win regulatory approval, and achieve high compliance levels for hand hygiene. Along the way came new realizations of the power of the Elyptol innovation. As Elyptol further developed, pandemic and healthcare acquired infections became a major global problem, which led to our product becoming part of a ‘pandemic prevention pack’ – further evidence that Elyptol has the power to kill some of the world’s most aggressive germs.

Elyptol’s confirmation as powerful against germs was followed by the verification that, unlike soap and non-botanical sanitizers, Elyptol was gentler on the skin.

Elyptol’s skin benefit became the salvation for Australia’s NSW Ambulance workers who suffered from rough, red hands due to their need to repeat hand hygiene and the sometimes harsh conditions of their workplace. NSW Ambulance Service selected our brand as their preferred skin hygiene product after a competitive evaluation against leading global brand sanitizers.

Our growing range of products for personal and professional use satisfies FDA OTC topical antiseptic guidelines; is TGA registered in Australia; EU CE approved; endorsed by GECA; and is part of the World Health Organization’s POPS program [Private Organisations for Patient Safety] that focuses on improving worldwide public health through better hand hygiene.